November 30, 2006

Peace of Mind...

Virihaure (Sweden), originally uploaded by Peter*.

Virihaure, a lake in North Sweden.... Shot by Peter*

Once i have put my eyes on this photo and i felt a deep feeling of relaxation and peace of mind.... wow! can u imagine that place in front of your eyes!!! If i was there i would be afraid to move so not to disturb these quiet waters....
This place is a must visit! i have put it on my top list :) Valhalla wait for me as i am riding from the ancient east, heading towards your waters with my swimsuit and camera! smile Oden :)


Blogger Omar said...

you have to keep in mind that this is not normal fresh or sea water, it is melted ice so it is Freezing, i didn't know that until people told me when i wanted to swim in Sweden.
you will come out blue like the water, u will freeze to the bone

3:12 AM  

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