April 24, 2008

Silence Must Be Heard...

Silence Must Be Heard..., originally uploaded by _Nomad_.

Silence must be heard, noise should be observed
The time has come to learn, that silence ...
Silence must be heard...

Words: Enigma
Location: Sahara desert close to the Farafra Oasis - Egypt

April 11, 2008

Helena Christensen...

Helena Christensen..., originally uploaded by _Nomad_.

Canon was releasing their new 450D for consumer, and they made an event for the release in Cairo by inviting 120 journalists of the most important magazines and newspapers around Europe and the middle east. Helena was there (as a photographer and a mag owner) to introduce the new camera to the invitees and share with them tips while touring around Cairo.
Canon booked us to capture the important moments of the events which included a couple of photo shoots for Helena with the camera ( i will post them as soon as i get the approval)
She is such a kind and friendly person! even so funny most of the times, even though people might be bugging her with lots of questions, pictures and just being around...

March 16, 2008

I Have Experienced The Oneness...

I Have Experienced The Oneness..., originally uploaded by _Nomad_.

Shall I go?
Shall I stay?
107 light years away, many times, so many doubts...
But no reason to talk about...

Mission is over, mission is done,
I'll miss you children of the sun
But it's time to go away, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way!
For a better world without hate, from your heart believe in fate
Only visions and the mind will guide you to the light.

Those were the words of the song i was listening to while experiencing one of the most spiritual moments in my entire life.... I was sitting on a sand dune. One sign of God's mercy is the reflection of his beauty on his creation... with simple yellow sand particles, God draws deserts in astounding smoothness and simply creating the best contrast with the blue sky.
I was there on that very sand dune watching the might of his creation on earth... Staring at the sunset... Feeling God's grandeur, imagining how small and worthless we are...
I was in the farafra oasis for only one purpose... A retreat from the daily routine and problems.... I was out with a group of Homeopaths in search for serenity... At the same time learning about our shadows and lights, feelings and passions, love and hate, me and myself....
On this journey i learned how to deal with my feelings, wither it resonates somewhere in my body or not, how to locate it, how to accept it and how to release...
I was there on that very dune when i felt the presence (if any of you read Amr Khaled's Velo?). The presence of the Almighty.... We all know and admit God is everywhere all the time... But i just "Felt" it so magnified in a way that i got so emotional... Which typically resonated somewhere in my body.... I tried to catch it... But actually i started to soften the edges... Let it grow...Even move... It expanded... So much that i opened my eyes letting the sunset rays narrow my iris, being shocked with the light and the unbelievable expansion taking place in my torso, i felt i am the world... No actually much wider as i so clearly felt the horizon in my arms.... I was so in ecstasy that i uncontrollably cried... and i even wet my shirt because of that..... It was an unexplanable feeling... I felt the Oneness!! I am me, i am the desert, i am the wind, i am the sun, i am the world, i am the universe, i am the presence! It was all me and i am all... A moment not for so long but was so strong that it changed my life...

December 10, 2006

Off to Sudan!!

OK guys i am off tomorrow to Khartoom in Sudan! of course i am not going there for leisure! it is all about business! and when it comes to business usually going abroad is sometimes good and many times not! and apparently this time is NOT!
They say i won't be able to hold my SLR camera and roam the streets taking photographs! their secret police is out and furious for any Nomadic bastard like me who uses flickr to post the top secrets of the Sudanese sheesh kebab!! oh! did i mention there isn't any way to get online there?! i am even thinking seriously not taking my laptop with me! what for?!
I think i will spend my time amused as i watch my colleague while being Entomophobia Lepidopteraphobic. Yeah i sadly heard that as many stars the hotel is as stranger the insects u may encounter in the rooms are!
Wish me luck and hope i will be back safely and Malaria-free LOL

Your Tse-Tse addict, Nomad

December 6, 2006

Pisa, Piazza Del Miracoli

Pisa, Piazza dei miracoli, originally uploaded by gbatistini.

This HDR shot really stopped my mind for a while! it looks like graphics! but believe me it isn't!!! I am really amazed of the treatment! This is Pisa with its famous leaning tower... been there before but didn't have my kit yet back then! now after seeing this pic i got so jaleous and i am packing to Italy!!! LOL

Thanx to gbatistini

November 30, 2006

Peace of Mind...

Virihaure (Sweden), originally uploaded by Peter*.

Virihaure, a lake in North Sweden.... Shot by Peter*

Once i have put my eyes on this photo and i felt a deep feeling of relaxation and peace of mind.... wow! can u imagine that place in front of your eyes!!! If i was there i would be afraid to move so not to disturb these quiet waters....
This place is a must visit! i have put it on my top list :) Valhalla wait for me as i am riding from the ancient east, heading towards your waters with my swimsuit and camera! smile Oden :)

November 28, 2006


Jazziza, originally uploaded by alk_is.

This shot has been taken by Alkis, a Greek friend of mine from Flickr. You can see his photo stream here. "The magnificent Aziza Mustafa Zadeh in a Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006 performance."

Aziza is an inspiration... her music is everything to me when it comes to meditation and imagination.... She has that oriental touch on the piano that makes you sure of the Arabic major influence on music....
One day i believe i will make it and play drums in her band! will i be able to do it? u think so!? well i do! wish me luck :D
Thank you Alkis for this beautiful shot....

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Symmetric Hooks Capture The Looks!

Symmetric hooks capture the looks!
Another couple of great unique architecture found in Amsterdam!
Those hooks i believe they r on every house in Amsterdam as they are used to pull up all the furniture, big stuff, pianos,....!
I simply cant find any other reason for them to be there as all such buildings have small main doors, huge windows and narrow stairs! not a single house miss that hook up there!
If i am wrong feel free to correct me guys it is all about guessing here :D

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