November 30, 2006

Peace of Mind...

Virihaure (Sweden), originally uploaded by Peter*.

Virihaure, a lake in North Sweden.... Shot by Peter*

Once i have put my eyes on this photo and i felt a deep feeling of relaxation and peace of mind.... wow! can u imagine that place in front of your eyes!!! If i was there i would be afraid to move so not to disturb these quiet waters....
This place is a must visit! i have put it on my top list :) Valhalla wait for me as i am riding from the ancient east, heading towards your waters with my swimsuit and camera! smile Oden :)

November 28, 2006


Jazziza, originally uploaded by alk_is.

This shot has been taken by Alkis, a Greek friend of mine from Flickr. You can see his photo stream here. "The magnificent Aziza Mustafa Zadeh in a Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006 performance."

Aziza is an inspiration... her music is everything to me when it comes to meditation and imagination.... She has that oriental touch on the piano that makes you sure of the Arabic major influence on music....
One day i believe i will make it and play drums in her band! will i be able to do it? u think so!? well i do! wish me luck :D
Thank you Alkis for this beautiful shot....

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Symmetric Hooks Capture The Looks!

Symmetric hooks capture the looks!
Another couple of great unique architecture found in Amsterdam!
Those hooks i believe they r on every house in Amsterdam as they are used to pull up all the furniture, big stuff, pianos,....!
I simply cant find any other reason for them to be there as all such buildings have small main doors, huge windows and narrow stairs! not a single house miss that hook up there!
If i am wrong feel free to correct me guys it is all about guessing here :D

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November 26, 2006

Akik Stone (Original photo by Aleyna)

Akik Stone of the Middle East, originally uploaded by aleyna.

Mashallah it is wonderful....
It is carved there a verse of Quran... not full though, but the full one says:
"Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say:"This is from Allah," to traffic with it for miserable price!- Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby."

I love Akik, this pendant is just wonderful...
This shot been taken by Aleyna, a Turkish friend from Flickr. Thank you Aleyna....

November 24, 2006

Redo & Yooyoo

Redoooo!!! one of my very closest friends! finally his dream came true finding the girl of his dreams... Yooyoo or Yomna to be more specific... Such a wonderful caring girl... I know they were made for eachothers... You can see that in their talks... Their moves... Their looks...
May God bless their marriage :)
Love you guys...

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Amsterdam in Sepia....

I just got back from Amsterdam a week ago! spent some real good time there...
I initially went there for an advanced course regarding my industry i'm involved in and it was really helpful! stayed there for 3 more days to roam the wonderful city.... Though it was a small city which i have been to back in 2001 but still there are always things to discover ;)

Please click on the image to be guided to the same photo in color on my Flickr account... Thanx

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