December 10, 2006

Off to Sudan!!

OK guys i am off tomorrow to Khartoom in Sudan! of course i am not going there for leisure! it is all about business! and when it comes to business usually going abroad is sometimes good and many times not! and apparently this time is NOT!
They say i won't be able to hold my SLR camera and roam the streets taking photographs! their secret police is out and furious for any Nomadic bastard like me who uses flickr to post the top secrets of the Sudanese sheesh kebab!! oh! did i mention there isn't any way to get online there?! i am even thinking seriously not taking my laptop with me! what for?!
I think i will spend my time amused as i watch my colleague while being Entomophobia Lepidopteraphobic. Yeah i sadly heard that as many stars the hotel is as stranger the insects u may encounter in the rooms are!
Wish me luck and hope i will be back safely and Malaria-free LOL

Your Tse-Tse addict, Nomad


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